Development Capital Investors, Inc. (DCI) is a sister company to PenTrust Real Estate Advisory Services, Inc. DCI was selected by the Commonwealth Finance Authority to manage the Building Pennsylvania Mezzanine Loan Program for real estate projects in western Pennsylvania.

Building PA is a Commonwealth initiative to address the need for project financing in smaller communities and blighted areas. Building PA is designed to “bridge the gap” for non-residential real estate projects by providing subordinated loans at below-market interest rates to real estate developers and economic development agencies.

The Commonwealth has committed $150 million for Building PA loans, focusing on projects that benefit low-income communities, revitalize central business districts, redevelop brownfield sites, and create facilities for high-growth industries. To date, DCI has received allocations for projects totaling over $29,000,000. For more information on DCI and the Building PA Program, please call (412) 279-8800.

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