Why Real Estate Advisory Services, Inc.?

Capital markets are heavily influenced by behavioral biases – human emotions such as fear, greed, pride, and jealousy often overwhelmingly dominate logic and reason.

As a result, our investment philosophy is based on applying a rational approach to investing, absent of any ad hoc or emotional decision-making to keep our portfolios disciplined and completely objective when faced with investment opportunities.

Rather than relying on forecast, opinion, or intuition, our focus is to observe, analyze and identify potentially repeatable sources of return using quantifiable and relevant information. We employ rigorous research that is backed by sound academic theory. The strategies we run are implemented in a disciplined and systematic investment approach.

We believe that Pentrust represents a unique change in the investment landscape. We strive to deliver our clients superior risk-adjusted returns using a systematic investment process. We see ourselves at the apex of designing successful modern portfolio strategies for today’s investor.

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